How to invite a friend? 

What would you think about receiving rewards and items in Legend: Legacy of the Dragons, almost without doing anything for them? That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Well, this is easy as pie: All you have to do is bring new players into the game via your own special referral link. Take a look in your "character" menu in the game. Do you see the button marked "referrals"? Click on it!

What you see now is a list of all the people that have joined the game via your special referral link. The link itself is shown right at the top of the page and should look something like this:

You can gives this link to anyone you want. It leads to the registration for the game and everyone using your link to join the game will from then on be your own personal referral. This will not only get you more and new friends in the game but also among other things the following huge advantages:
  • If your referral exchanges  Diamonds or  Rubies you will receive 5% of that gold!
  • Everytime your referral gains a level you will get some of these special rewards!

Getting things for absolutely free and without effort? No Problem! You can even use the banners that have been created especially for you! You can find them on the second tab in the "referrals" menu titled "Information". Here are a few examples:

 Referral Banners

Referral Picture
  Code Snippet


Just copy the code snippet of your choice from the "Information" page of your own character and insert it into an html field, for example your signature in any forum or even on a web based board. Everyone who follows that link will be your own referral!

Try it today and ask a friend to click your banner or link and register at Legend: Legacy of the Dragons. Get incredible items for absolutely free!


This table shows the rewards for players who have invited referrals* into the game:

Referral level / Bonus
3   1
4   2
5   3
6   4   1
7   5
8   6
9   7
10   8
11   9


*Users who have joined the game via your invitational link. The invitational link and additional details are shown in the "Referrals" section of the "Character" menu.


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