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      And so you have obtained one of the productive professions, which will permit you to develop game resources. You will work on the question, what to do now? Further on will be discussed, in a manner most useful to you, what the profession of Jeweller is and what it is used for.


      The Jeweller profession is the study of gems, the processing and cutting of precious stones, and the charming of magic runes. That's what a Jeweller does. Masters Esmeril and Korundum  teach this profession. This is a peaceful profession and more than safe.


      And so, where to begin? What does a Jeweller need in order to make his first rune? Naturally, this is the recipe by which he can create the rune he needs. The player can find these recipes in combat with the most diverse monsters on the world Faeo.


      Focusing on this recipe, the player can read about the characteristics of this recipe, which will indicate how much and what kinds of resources are necessary for the player so as to prepare one or another rune, as well as the level of experience in jewellery needed so that he can learn this recipe. The player can see all learned recipes, stopping in at the Profession section, and selecting the Character entry on the upper menu.






      To create various runes, the player needs the corresponding magic crystal. There are several kinds of crystals, which can be obtained from usual, rare, unique, and very rare items. Each kind of crystal occurs in three sizes: small, medium, and large.





      Likewise, gems, which the player can obtain if there is a geologist present, are necessary for creation of runes.




      Well, of course the Jeweller's corresponding mastery is necessary to produce any rune. The higher the level of mastery, the more complex the recipes that the player can learn so that he can use them.





      And so, do you have everything necessary?

      In order to find out which runes are available to you for production, go to the Profession window, select Character on the upper menu, and then select “Professions”.



      You can see in the open window your current level of mastery, as well as the maximum level of mastery that you can achieve for your current level.



      Likewise, you can see below this information a button to press, by which you can refuse this profession.

      Attention! If you refuse the profession, you are deprived of all experience and acquired knowledge, as well as recipes already learned.


      On the right, the table presents a list of recipes you have learned, as well as the number and type of products you make. The color of the name of the recipe varies depending on your mastery level and on the mastery level required to make the item. The greater the difference in mastery levels, the lower the probability that your mastery will increase in making the item. Remember that some time must pass between the creation of identical items.



      The actual process of creating a runes when all ingredients are present is very simple. For this, simply click the button next to the appropriate recipe, and a message will pop up in chat, that the rune has been created. After the rune has been made, the button will fade for the time shown to the left of the button in the “time remaining” column.




      If your experience increases as a result of creating a rune, then in chat you will see a message and see the information as to the creation of the rune, which immediately appears in your inventory.






      Good luck in your creation of runes and gaining in experience!



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