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      So, you have received one of the extractive professions and can now engage in fishing. Below we shall give a more detailed description of this profession.

      The profession of Fisherman provides the skills needed to catch fish, which is useful not only for food, but also for the preparation of various magic ingredients. Vylis the Fisherman teaches this profession to the Magmars, and Nathan the Fisherman teaches the Humans.

      To fish, you must obtain the appropriate tool, more precisely fishing rod. You can buy a fishing rod in the stores located in the Village of Maettro or on the Ridge of Kayar.






      Now we shall try to explain how to use the fishing rod.

      To find out which fish are available for catching, look at the professions window by selecting “Character” in the upper menu and then the “Profession” section on the Character menu.


      In the open window on the left, you can see your current mastery level as well as the maximum mastery level, which depends on your character level.




       Right below that is the button to resign the profession.

      Be careful! If you resign a profession, you will be deprived of all experience and knowledge learned, as well as all the relevant recipes you have learned. In the same section, a table presents a list of all fish that you can catch at this mastery level, along with the number of fish caught.




      The color of the name of the fish depends on the probability of increasing your professional experience in obtaining this resource. Each probability corresponds to its own color:

Orange - very high probability of increasing professional mastery;

Violet - high probability of increasing professional mastery;

Blue - average probability of increasing professional mastery;

Green - low probability of increasing professional mastery;

Gray - minimal probability of increasing professional mastery.

More detail on increasing your professional experience is presented below.


Resource extraction

      The actual process of catching a fish is simple and convenient. Go to Hunt mode while in a zone that has a river.




      Then select the fish which you wish to catch. For this, you need to click on the pulsating circle which shows where the fish is.


       Upon selection, the name of the selected fish will appear to the right, along with the experience level needed to catch it, a picture and the average number of the fish in the area. 



       On the left, the button will be activated. Clicking on this will begin the process of catching the selected fish.

      While the fish is being caught, a special mark appears on it showing the fishing process and the number of people trying to catch the particular fish.



      Fishing does not always end in success. If the fish escapes, you will see this message:


       If you catch the fish, you will see the following message on the screen:



      Likewise, in the chat window you will see a message regarding the caught fish.


      If your professional mastery increases, you will see this message:


      The probability of increasing your professional mastery depends on the difference between your mastery and the minimum mastery required to catch the fish. The greater your experience relative to the experience needed to capture the fish, the lower the probability of increased mastery.


      Bear in mind that if, while you are fishing, there are animals or monsters next to you, there is a rather high probability that they will attack you, and then you will need to use your tool to fight back against the foe. As a weapon, the tool is rather ineffective, so your chances of victory are much lower. You can see the entire captured fish stock in your inventory. Good luck with fishing!




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