Guide to Consumable Items

In this section, you can find out about all the elixirs, amulets and scrolls of Faeo and their use and application.










Type of Elixirs



Elixirs of Life


Elixirs of Power


Elixirs of Giant


Elixirs of Blood


Elixirs of Stolen Life


Elixirs of Wind












Type of Amulet



Amulets of Return


Amulets of Resurrection


Amulets of Destruction


Amulets of Call











Type of Scroll



Scrolls of Teleportation


Scrolls of Healing


Scrolls of Poisoning


Scrolls of Rock Skin


Scrolls of Resurrection


Scrolls of Purification


Scrolls of Antidote


Scrolls of Healing Wounds



Scrolls of Attack
















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