Having celebrated the New Year with a great deal of noise and merrymaking, the people of Faeo are slowly returning to everyday chores and routine. But it will be a difficult time for the valiant defenders of the continent, who keep their vigil even on holidays. In January, when the frost is at its most bitter and all civilians warm themselves up near their fires wrapped up in a warm quilt, warriors in heavy armor defend their homeland from enemies and vicious monsters alike.

Event run time:

The exact time of event's end can be seen in game in the 'Events' tab.

January: Hello Coldsnap!
Soldier's Rations


Centurion Mekden and  Commander Norias, are worried about their warriors’ spirits. They decided to cheer their warriors up by finding the recipe of a dish, which would be easy to prepare, tasty, nutricious and filling on long campaigns.




Brave warriors who will agree to participate in the search for such a recipe will be rewarded by Mekden and Norias with special badges known as Steel Shields, they will be able to exchange for valuable goods in the Curiosities Shop at the City Fair during the second stage of the event.

Quest accessible to warriors from level 3
Quest type: Nonrecurring
Reward: Steel Shield (50 pcs.)
Restocking Cheese Supplies


On behalf of  Centurion Mekden and  Commander Norias go to  Ruler Pireney at Settlement of Buimar or  Ruler Onufir at Fort Dybrach.



Hunting monsters, no more than 1 level below yours, obtain missing Cooper Rings.


Reward: Steel Shield (10 pcs.)

Quest type: recurring (every 24 hours)


Restocking Meat Supplies
On behalf of  Centurion Mekden and  Commander Norias go to  Vaslav the Ranger at Light's Edge or  Kugar the Hunter at Sly Cove.

In exchange for plants, fish or stones you will get the necessary ingredient.



Reward: Steel Shield (10 pcs.)

Quest type: recurring (every 24 hours)


Restocking Honey Supplies

On behalf of  Centurion Mekden and  Commander Norias go to  Veyko the Herdsman at Glade of Oblivion or  Luc the Orphan at Gorge of Chernag.



After defeating superbeings and instance bosses, obtain Bead Patterns. Bead Pattern can be obtained with average probability by every group member. You can have no more than 10 pcs of Bead Pattern in your backpack at the same time.



Reward: Steel Shield (10 pcs.)

Quest type: recurring (every 24 hours)


Card deck «Times of the year»

By using the deck, you will receive:  
Attention! You can use this deck only 1 time per day during the active stage of the event.
Ways of obtaining the Steel Shields


1) Completing the quest «Soldier's Rations»


2) Completing recurring quests «Restocking Cheese Supplies»«Restocking Meat Supplies»«Restocking Honey Supplies»


3) You can obtain 1 Steel Shield for the victory in the Battlefields, with following probabilities:

Crystalline Caves - absolute probability

Ancient Temple of Chosen - high probability

Arena of the Underground Knights - average probability
Meridian vaults -  average probability (after the return to your servers)


4) By using the card deck «Times of the year».



Complete the tasks, collect the Steel Shields and get unique achievements


Meat GathererCheese GathererHoney GathererRecipe GathererThere can never be too much food!Under the January Banner!Trapper HatJanuary Arhas BeastmasterJanuary Offering to the Crimson Roc


Achievements can be obtained also for eating seasonal food:

Pizza - a tasty treat!Innkeeper, 100 portions of pizza!Once you taste the pizza you just can’t stop!Nearly a thousand portions of pizzaHide the pizza - I am coming! Is there any pizza left in Faeo? I will finish it at dinner! Legendary pizza eater

Those, who acquire the Frosty Chest, will get the main seasonal achievement from the new annual ones!




You can get special January Bags from Chigrik the Thief and Gloum the Swindler who live at Glade of Dreams and Barrow of Sadness for gold and diamonds. They contain 50 pcs. of Steel Shield.



Attention! Each bag can be purchased only once!

Attention! Bags will be available for purchase during the rewards stage.




From 23 of January in Curiosities Shop at City Fairs of O’Delvays and  Dartrong you’ll be able to buy various goods, which will be available only during that period of time, for Steel Shields.


Reward Price Description
1 100


A casket containing an achievement, 3 collection gifts and 1 card.


Can be bought: 1 time only


1 38

A casket of fine Alder containing an achievement, 3 gifts, 50 food and 20 Scrolls of Teleportation for(humans/magmars).


Can be bought: 1 time only

1 80


One of the cards from the Seasons set from the game Conlegret. ;


Can be bought: 1 time only

1 60
A magic amulet that gives you power over an Arhas mount. 

Can be bought: 1 time only
1 50
A warm hat made from Valdagor fur that will protect its wearer from the cold as well as from traumas received in battle.

Can be bought: 1 time only

1 35
When you see the enemy, raise the magic banner with the golden shield above your head. Increases current and maximum life level by 5% until the end of the battle (added to Elixir of Giant). 
Usage interval - 1 time per 3 hours.

Can be bought: 1 time only
1 30


These appetizing fruits are as sweet as honey. Even though the Crimson Roc is a ruthless predator used to raw meat, she will not say no to this ripe and delicious-looking fruit, bestowing a particle of her power on the person who has brought it.

Use the offering to receive a Crimson Roc Statuette and gain the ability to summon this majestic bird in battle, or upgrade the statuette you already have! Upgrading the statuette allows you to improve the summoned Wraith, expand its arsenal of abilities, or increase the number of uses allowed per week.


5 1


Restores 1500 HP and 500 mana and makes you feel full and satisfied.


1 3
Gift. A luxurious pendant made of pure gold, precious stones, and coloured enamel, all entwined by a jeweller in an artful, flowery pattern.
1 3


Gift. Fly snowflake straight into the palms of humans and magmars, remind them about the arrival of January! When everything around is white, when the cold makes it difficult to breathe, and the New Year festivities are almost ended, this wondrous adornment of diamonds and soft blue topaz will cheer up the tired defenders of Faeo. Precious stones on the tips of ice rays sparkle in the light of the stars, filling up with an internal fire…


1 3
Any warrior in Faeo will be pleased to receive this lovely gift during the Hello Coldsnap event. This snowman shaped adornment is so cute and sweet that everyone wants one! Winter blues will be forgotten as soon as you look at this charming item! The snowman shows you that you just have to be patient for a little while longer and the cold times will finally leave these lands and be replaced with warmth and spring adventures!
1 3
Little banana-loving creature that came over in January from some of the far-lying isles on a ship had immediate success with the children of Faeo!
1 3
Sitting comfortably on a soft couch the patron of this year—the jovial monkey—gazes dreamily at the snowflakes floating through the January air and catches them with its fluffy tail. The figurine of this curious creature of blue crystal will be a wonderful gift that will bring luck to your home and raise your spirits with its sparkling shine. 
1 30
Merchants from far countries assure that monkey is a patron of this year and so a figurine of this agile animal made of magical ice will bring to its master luck, happiness, and variety of pleasant surprises every day. Just touch the figurine and, besides the monkey’s favour you will receive useful gifts.

Using the figurine will grant you achievement! By getting 3 of the achievements you will receive a unique pet, other 9 achievements will let you upgrade it to «Green», and later to the «Blue» quality.

Maximum number available for purchase: 1 pcs.
1 30
This clockwork has stopped at two minutes to midnight. It was in that instant that the owner of this clock died by the fangs of a hideous creature - a giant fire-breathing hound. But Cerberus’s first victim was far from his last...

Use this item to receive a particle of the Blazing Cerberus’s spirit.
1 3
Gift. This clock’s hand is stuck on the mark preceding the beginning of the blackest night in the year. No master can force the mechanism start ticking again - the magic of midnight will always protect the clock... and its owner if they manage to overcome the superstitious fear and meets the night terrors face to face!


Attention! After the end of the sale of rarities in the Curiosity Shop, remaining pieces of Steel Shields can be spent only on seasonal food.



We wish you nice and cozy January evenings!






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