June - Fern Flowering

The long-awaited June event definitely is associated with Fern Frond, which is surrounded by an aura of mystery and legends... So many legends exist about Wondrous Fern Flower, which appears within some days of June... We suggest you to prepare for the hunt of this wonderful flower so you can get not only the cherrished treasure, promised to that one, who will find it, but also get a seasonal achievement«June – Here comes the summer!». This task will be one of the steps, which are necessary for the annual achievement, that contains of monthly issued adventures!

Event run time:

The exact time of event's end can be seen in game in the 'Events' tab.

Fern Blossom
Searching for the Spirit of Avarice

You are about to act at Spirit of Avarice behest, who arrived to the World of Faeo temporarily, and wheedle him into telling you about the place, where he keeps his treasures! The problem is that the Spirit of Avarice is not so eager to give away his treasures, even finding him is not an easy task: he roams from place to place, appearing for several hours in one of the locations accessible by all levels. Important: the spirit is intangible, that is why he is not shown in the list of NPC on the location. You'll have to try hard to find him!



Be ready to ask  Bludiara or  Maritsa the Witch for help...




Pay them a visit right now and you'll be able to gain access to the tresures of the Spirit!


Collecting Fern


You can collect fern without having the profession and special tools, however only those who are under the effect of magic potion will be able to find it. Ingredients for the potion are different for players of different levels: for warriors of 3-6 levels the potoin is weak and requires simple components, players of levels 7-11 need a more powerful elixir, levels 12 and above have most magic resistance, thus the recipe for their potion is most complicated.




The effect of any potion lasts for only one hour, however one sip is enough... so you won't have to get back to  Maritsa or  Bludiara, one bottle will last for long, and you'll be able to find the flower in time.


Fern Leaves Exchange

Excess of Fern Frond can be exchanges for useful items at  Arnica  and  Orfin.









Complete quests, receive items and get unique achievements.


June - Here comes the summer!Under the Fern Banner!June Arhas BeastmasterVictor’s Wreath


Don't forget about achievements for seasonal food:

Mushroom Basket - a tasty treat!Innkeeper, 100 mushroom basket portions!Once you taste the mushroom basket you just can’t stop!Nearly a thousand portions of mushroom basketsHide the mushroom baskets - I am coming! Are there any mushroom baskets left in Faeo? I will finish them at dinner! Legendary mushroom basket eater



You can get special June bags from  Chigrik the Thief and  Gloum the Swindler, who live in  Glade of Dreams and  Barrow of Sadness, for gold and diamonds. They contain 30 pcs of  Fern Leaf token.



Attention! Each bag can be purchased only once!
Attention! Bags will be available for purchase from 8th of June.


From 8th till 13th of June in Curiosities Shop at City Fairs Fern Leaf token can be exchanged for various goods:






1 50
1 35
1 35
1 30
1 30
1 25
1 5
1 5
1 5
1 5
1 5
6 1
70 3
165 4


Attention! After the end of the sale of rarities in Curiosities Shop remaining pieces of Fern Leaf token can be exchanged only for the food.



  Hurry to gather the magical bud!




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