Warlord Gidver

 Dartrong Arena

His knowledge of the art of war rivals that of Sun Tzu. This master tactician has now devoted the life to the development and training of young Magmar warriors.



Commander Norias


 Smoky Knolls

An experienced soldier, Commander Norias has been the unchallenged leader of the rural militia of his native land. He is bigger than this role and he dreams, sometime in the future, of becoming a great general and leading the countless army of Magmars to the walls of O'Del'vays.



Warlord Damirus

 O’Del’vays Arena

A true military expert; he is the master of combat theory and practice, ashore and at sea.



Centurion Mekden


 Free Meadows

Born to humble parents Mekden joined the army early in his life and took part in many wars, where he was noted for his strength - he could strike a grown Zorb down with his bare fist. When his hair started turning grey he retired to his village and now leads the local militia.



Agonnyy the Mad

 Steppe Vista

An ageing crusader, he is the victim of war. He has lost his hand as well as his mind. But, despite his madness, he still remembers many combat techniques, and can teach you a thing or two about crushing your enemies in battle.


The Black Knight


 Ridge of Darkness

His body is covered in black armour from head to toe, he is one of the least known and most mysterious persons of the World of Faeo.  His mastery of the sword is unrivaled, he is well versed in the trade of Executioner and woe betide those who invoke his anger!


Saysha the Warrior


 Lost Wastelands

Mercenary, skilled in the ways of war and brave beyond most men, uncompromising as a sword, she believes there is only one way to solve a problem - crush the enemy! She also belongs to the notorious club of Bloodbattle.


Gerasim the Hero

 Jasmine Brushwood

Possessing enormous strength and a kind soul, but what can be said about his intellect? His speech is defective and his mind is one of a small child. He always means well, but very seldom manages to do any good.



Captain Bakhasha


 Southern Outpost

She is a fearless warrior and the Captain of the sailing ship "Al- Java". She leads the team of rescuers which has saved many people from mortal danger or captivity. She was heading the expedition which searched for Orlufia, the daughter of a warlord who disappeared in mysterious circumstances.



Rukkham the Guard



 Northern Outpost

Rukham is guarding the Northern magmar outpost on the Isles of Fay-Go. He is always on alert, watching for any attempts of the servants of Chaos to invade the Isles



Shiko the Paladin

 Tomb of Kings

 Royal Tomb

An errant paladin and Hunter of the Dead, he has neither home, nor family and has dedicated his whole life to the struggle with evil, inventing new ways to destroy it and attract other warriors to his side.





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