Wise Men
Flavviy the Wise

 Settlement of Faytir

An old resident of Dartrong, the adviser of the City Elder, a prophet, a philosopher and the keeper of the sacred writings and scrolls, through him the ancient knowledge is being passed down the generations of Magmars.


Pandrik the Wise

 Light’s Edge

An old resident of O'Del'vays. A philosopher and a thinker, the elders’ trusted adviser and the keeper of the scriptures and precepts. Pandrik has reached the highs of spiritual truth.


Pymen the Monk

 Manor of Budrimakh

A philosopher who has given a vow of asceticism and to spend his life wandering! He walks the world, collecting wisdom, saving lost souls and spreading this knowledge amongst the young warriors.



Samuel the Cleric

 Wirgold Estate

The magician, doctor, creator and the keeper of the incantations of therapeutic magic. Samuel is also the superior of the monastery, where the experimental laboratory of magic is located.



Sporucs the Sorcerer

 Lumirya Waterfall

He can cure diseases as well as cause them with his whispering, murmuring, mumbling, whistling and other mysterious deeds.



Oden the Mage

 Ridge of Kayar

A magician and a psychic, he can foresee the future and is said to be spiritually connected with the Gods of the Elements.



Globius the Learned


 Pacifist Hills

A learned man who has produced many scientific works and is dedicated to technological progress in the world of Faeo. He busies himself with inventions in the hope of achieving fame with an ingenious creation.



Avelius the Scholar


 Thorn Apply Brushwood

Young and gifted, Avelius has been fascinated with different branches of science since childhood and decided to dedicate his life to it in the hope of making great scientific discoveries and doing something useful for his nation.



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