Herbier the Herbologist

 City Square

Skilled botanist, the collector of herbs and even a bit of a healer. He is so close to nature that he seems to be able to speak to trees and flowers.


Korundum the Jeweller

 City Square

This world-famous jeweller and engraver, he will teach you the skill of etching strengthening magic runes on your weapons and accessories.


Veddun the Alchemist

 City Square

A magician and a sorcerer, a great alchemist and the inventor of the most popular fighting elixirs for Magmar warriors. The sly rascal is only interested in his own well-being and benefits.


Tiyery the Geologist

 City Square

This well-known expert-geologist devoted his life to the study of rocks and various minerals. In his pursuit of knowledge he has visited even the most remote corners of Faeo.



 City Square

A passionate collector of plants and herbs, Foglio knows the names and methods of using of practically all grasses.


 City Square

The creator of the first alchemical laboratory, besides transmutation and occult sciences, Cagliostro deals with the creation of combat elixirs for the soldiers of the race of Humans.



 City Square

A big name in the field of geology and tectonics, for many years he has been busy prospecting for minerals, and with the search and study of precious and semi-precious stones.




 City Square

Esmeril is a virtuoso of the craftsmanship of jewellery. He is very pedantic but, is always ready to train those who are truly interested.



Nathan the Fisherman

 Ridge of Kayar

A true master of fishing, he understand fish and is a virtuoso of enticing it into his nets. His catch is always rich and full of exotic fish.


Vylis the Fisherman


 Mentaliya Foothills

A true expert and a skillful and fearless fisherman; his harpoon never misses, even the huge sea monsters become his prey.




 Square of Fire

Craftswoman Soygura is a true virtuoso, a skillful and cunning artisan and inventor. Her workshop is famous for a variety of works she can perform from restoring an ancient armour to sharpening kitchen knives.


Ostap the Craftsman

 Daylight Square

They call him the Master with the "golden hands" and legends speak volumes about his skill. Everything that he creates with his hands, be it a carved box or a forged sword, is highly valuable and is in great demand.


Kugar the Hunter


 Sly Cove

The master-trapper who hunts animals and birds, he can track his prey for days, he knows all the animal paths in the woods. He can recognise the animals by the the sound that their paws and hooves make, and the birds - by the rustle of their wings.


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