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 Bankers generosity!24.09.2021 13:01

Warriors! Replenish your account with diamonds and receive rewards that many Ogriy and Khair inhabitants dream of!
 Sum:    Reward:

The offer will last till 26.09, 23:59.

Use this profitable opportunity to become stronger!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 1)

 Magic moulds23.09.2021 18:00

From all over the world, merchants have arrived at the City Fair Grounds, offering unusual items to the residents of Faeo. Only at the Weaponsmithy you can find the unique artifacts and items, brought from the distant and mysterious Otherworld.
You can buy goods from the other world for golden coins and if you don't need them - return them at the same day: the merchants will buy back the moulds for 0,75 golden coins. Moreover, you can always buy magic moulds for diamonds at the Premium Shop for half the price! However, keep in mind: if you want to return the unused goods to the merchants, the payment for them will be in golden coins!

The sale at Weaponsmithy will last till 23:59 26.09 the merchants will leave the Trade Fair Grounds and go in search for the new wonders, that is why you should not miss your chance to acquire the enchanted moulds.
Magic Moulds of the Otherworld – guarantee your victory in any battle
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 8)

 Storm in Chaotic Battles21.09.2021 18:00

A magical storm, distorting the reality of our usual world has erupted on the Scorched Lands, what means that the rage of the original energy has reached the Chaotic battles! The raging elements change the rules of the game, and no one knows if they will find the blessing of the ancient heroes or fall prey to a curse...

From now until the end of the event at the start of the Chaotic battles, the participants will be able to touch the sorcerous sword of the fallen hero that has remained among the stones and sand from time immemorial... The brave souls who have risked to touch it will acquire a Chaos Gift, that for the time of battle will either endow the fighter with an unprecedented force, or draw a witch's curse on them... And before the fight begins, it's impossible to find out which side luck turned to you!

Those who do not want to risk in vain can simply not touch the sword and play by the old rules. But the power of Chaos is worth it to trust in fate! Check out the favor of fortune, luck can bring you a quick victory...

Also, if you win at Crucible of War you will get 50% more Emblem of Valour!

You will also have 2х valor and no-break in Chaotic Battles during the event!
Also, till 22.09 13:00 for the victory in Chaotic battles you'll receive 15-210 Trophy Hunters reputation without limits. And for the 3rd victory in Chaotic Battles you'll receive 5 Mark of the Fearless Warrior And for the participation in Chaotic Battles you'll receive 5-70 Trophy Hunters reputation without limits! For the 3rd participation in Chaotic Battles you'll receive 2 Old vial of fog powder!

Risk to receive the Gift of Chaos!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 1)

 Magic storm in Arena!21.09.2021 17:01

Inhabitants of Faeo are already used to the fact that magical anomalies sometimes occur in various battlefields and change their rules radically. These anomalies are called magic storms. Right now a Magical Storm broke out in the Arena!

Fights on the arena will be held 1 on 1 to score 3 points! Additionally, the storm causes the appearance of Fire Vortexs and Icy Vortexs in all battles.

You will also have no-break during the event on Arena!
Also, this time for the victory in Arena battles you'll receive 15-210 Trophy Hunters reputation. You can receive this bonus up to 3 times per day. And for the 3rd participation in Arena you'll receive 5-70 Trophy Hunters reputation!
Prove that you are a winner, no matter the rules!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 1)

 War of Dragons Discord!21.09.2021 17:00

Good news, warriors! War of Dragons is keeping up with the times and we want to invite you to join in and be a part of our new initiatives. Now you will have another convenient channel for communication - Discord. This is a great platform for information exchange, trading and finding new allies, while allowing you to stream and participate in private and voice chats.

Join Discord with this link. Enjoy socialising, but remember that the same rules apply here as in our forum and in-game chat. Please be polite and try not to offend others!
Use the new features to make communication and socialising better! Stay in touch - now on Discord too!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 10)

 Clan Wars21.09.2021 14:01

Brave warriors! Are you ready to fight with the best of the best? Your time has come! Let the flame of struggle break out, for the Second season of the First Division of the Clan Wars has begun!

Attention! This season is special, because players up to the 10th level will be able to compete for the title of the best clan in it! Registration for clan wars is open, the first battle will take place already today! Pay attention to the conditions!

News Update: We apologize that the current season of Clan Wars is not working as it should. As compensation, we will give players a chest Special box of Triumph for today's battles (draw, defeat or victory).

We are pleased to announce that with the relaunch of the season, two new features will be in effect during battles. The effect of Fatigue, which will stack on players every 5 minutes after the start of the battle. Players who enter the battle later will also receive the maximum Fatigue effect value, which is already in effect on other players. In addition, the effects of the banners Great Dragon Standard can now only stack up to 2. However, when the third effect is applied, it will not be redistributed to other players, but will simply be dispelled.

We have made the necessary corrections and relaunched the season, please apply again before 20:00 of the current day. If during today's battles something does not go according to plan, we will investigate the problem again.
It is time to show what your clan can do!
Let the strongest clan win!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 35)

 Star Shower21.09.2021 14:00

From time to time the people of Faeo witness a unique and fairy occasion of Star Shower. The night sky illuminated only by the starlight is pierced by fiery meteors, leaving a sparkling trail. You just can't miss it! 
During this time the citizens and villagers know no sleep and rest - they go out in the streets having pinned  Asters flowers that shine in dark to their lapels they enjoy the spectacular show.
It is the time of Star Showers in Faeo!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 1)

 One-Armed Bandit News21.09.2021 12:00

One-Armed Bandit is back!

Until 23.09 12:00 the bandit will have special rules! This time participants will enjoy good news: jackpot speed is 2 times bigger, and the maximum jackpot size is increased to  2500!

Rewards for Jackpot:
Bandit 1 Bandit 2
2 10
Play and win
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 3)

 Warriors' Fair of Wonders21.09.2021 11:00

What is that unusual noise that is heard on the Trade Fairs of both capitals? A squeak of bend wood, melodious sound of bowstring, a whistle of flying bows… No, that is not the exchange of fire with the enemy, that is customers trying out newly arrived goods. Warriors' Fair of Wonders has started in the World of Faeo! 
The Fair will be open till 24.09, 23:59

News update: Restrictions on the purchase of goods have been updated!

Also take a look at our new items, which can be purchased with both  diamonds and  gold:

Good luck in battles!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 6)

 Purge Time!20.09.2021 18:00

 Warriors be aware! The Elders have asked  Jesters to organise the next Faeon Purge




From 12:00 on Wednesday 22nd September, until 23:59 on Thursday 23rd September, the Attack Rules will be out of order.

Warriors! Start your preparations now to be ready for the slaughter!

Author: Liusaidh  More (comments: 27)

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