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 Arbiters of Fate - F.A.Q.15.08.2019 10:00

Dear players! We know that you still have questions after you discovered a new reputation - the Arbiters of Fate.

Let's see how it works together, given all the mechanics and technical features of the implementation of ideas.

Forward to victories, Arbiters of Fate!
Author: tceba  More (comments: 13)

Another way opens for the warriors, ready for new adventures and meeting with the unknown, - the Way of the Arbiters of Fate! Would you like to influence not only the present but also the past of this world? Want your blade to change the course of Faeo's history?

Ready to move back on the inexorable river of time and face the bygone? Then we advise you to have a closer look at the rare ancient masks and listen to the quiet voices, sounding like out of nowhere ...

General information:
  • A new reputation will be available to warriors from level 5.
  • You will need to find the Ancient mask, which with some chance can be obtained by killing super creatures of any level or when participating in the Carnival masks event. After that, the quest “The Voice of the Ancient Mask” will begin for you.
  • After completing the quest “Voice of the Ancient Mask”, the next quest “Postponed Death” will be available to you. To do this, refer to the Ancient mask, which is in the backpack.
  • After completing the quest “Postponed Death”, the next quest “Racing with death” will become available to you. To do this, refer to the Ancient mask, which is in the backpack.
  • After completing the quest "Racing with death", you can find the Firstborn on the City Fair. Also a new shop will be available there: the Shop of Arbiters of Fate.
  • Please note that there is a new battlefield: Battle in Caves, year 386.
  • More about reputation here.
We wish you good luck, because now you are the Arbiter of Fate!
Author: tceba  More (comments: 13)

 Special Chests!08.08.2019 13:00

Brave Warriors! Merchants have put up for sale Especially Precious and Precious Forged Trunks!

You can find Precious Chests in the Premium Shop, the sale will be over on 09.08, 23:59.
Defenders of Faeo, trust your fate - you won't be disappointed! Buy especially precious trunks and receive valuable and useful goods!
Author: tceba  More (comments: 3)

 Clash in the Temple, year 28324.07.2019 11:30

Warriors of Faeo! We would like to introduce you new battlefield (in a test mode): Clash in the Temple, year 283. We are working on a launch of new «Arbiters of Fate» reputation. Still we would like you to get into the heart of the battles of the past and feel yourself what it looks like.

For participating in new battlefields, warriors can get from 2950 up to 85000 valor for victory and from 1040 up to 29750 valor for defeat (for players from 5 lvl up to 20 lvl). Meanwhile during the test period additional rewards are not provided, such as extra reputation of «Arbiters of Fate» or sacrificial coins. You will be notified about the launch of the new reputation later. Watch for our news!

Test will last till 12:00 25.07.

Go ahead, friends! 
Author: tceba  More (comments: 31)

 Technical works10.07.2019 11:00

Warriors! Warriors! On the 15th of July  from 11:00 to 15:00 Game time, the game servers will be closed to install the update. The timeframe can be changed, so follow our official news and Facebook page!
Additionally, on July 11th, 10:00 all Cross-server battlefields will be turned off and No-break will be turned on!
We are sorry for the potential inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Meanwhile follow our official account on Facebook to participate in some neat events!
Author: Lisad  More (comments: 6)

 Update Preview!04.07.2019 18:00

Warriors of Faeo! This is what all the inhabitants of Ogriy and Khair have been waiting for! Commoners whispered about it in taverns, magicians tried to predict it, warriors discussed it between the battles. However, no one could know all the details until the very end. But today it has finally become known that changes will happen in the game on the 10th of July!

The long-awaited update will bring with it a lot of interesting things:

  • New «Arbiters of Fate» reputation.
  • New Arbiters of Fate quest chains.
  • New «Locator» feature.
  • Secrets of shadow martial arts.
  • Other changes.

Now that all the truth has been revealed and there are no secrets left, we offer you to get acquainted with the upcoming changes in detail, in order to always be ready for fights in the changed world of Faeo!
The changes will happen very soon!

Author: Lisad  More (comments: 11)

 Technical works25.04.2019 11:00

Warriors! Game servers will be stopped on April 25th from 11:00 Game Time to perform some technical works. Game servers won't be available during 2 hours.
We are sorry for the potential inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Meanwhile follow our official account on Facebook to participate in some neat events!
Author: Lisad  More (comments: 3)

It's time we announce the winners of the Anniversary Lottery that was held for IT Territory 15th birthday!

During all these days the valiant warriors of Ogriy and Khair took part in the celebrations and some of them had accumulated a whole heap of lottery tickets. Let's see if perseverance will be the key to reward, or just the will of chance!

We congratulate the lucky players!
Author: Lisad  More (comments: 5)

 Celebrations Weekend in Faeo!12.04.2019 14:00

IT Territory is celebrating its 15th birthday today. In honor of this momentous event, we have prepared a number of interesting events for you

Winning battles against other players, you can lose these blessings. One blessing is lost for each opponent who has received more damage from you than from any other participant, as a result of your fight won by your team (similar to the rules of trophy hunters reputation).

In addition, we declare a festive lottery! Each player can get one free Lottery ticket "15th Anniversary of IT Territory" in the Premium Shop. Additional tickets are available for  and .

Let's celebrate our Birthday together!

Author: Lisad  More (comments: 12)

Warriors! Smugglers’ accomplices are spreading rumors that Gloum and Chigrik have gotten hold of rare items, which they are willing to sell in the Premium Shop.


Gloum and Chigrik offer rare items that range from gnomish treasures to the hearts of mighty Kroffdors and Eldives. Some claim that they have seen items that belonged to General UyarrMO himself!

The sale will last from April 5th until April 8th.

Don't miss the chance to get unique goods!

Author: OhaHA  More (comments: 0)

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