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 Diamond Bandit News08.11.2019 17:00

Diamond Bandit is back!

Until 10.11 23:59 the bandit will have special rules! This time participants will enjoy good news: the maximum jackpot size is 1200!

Rewards for Jackpot:

(Becomes non-transferable when owner changes)

Play and win!
Author: Acconitum  More (comments: 0)

 CrackerJacks08.11.2019 15:00

Faeo is vast and so is the knowledge and the secrets that are held within it. No one person can truly know it all, or even comprehend it fully. Still, there is desire for this knowledge. This desire has given birth to the team of 'CrackerJacks'.


They are formed with one goal in mind, which is to bring forth the lesser known knowledge. CrackerJacks aim to convey tips and tricks to you all that you can use in various parts of your Faeo life.

You want to share your own secret tips with the community
Send a letter with your tip to  CrackerJack!

Author: tceba  More (comments: 4)

 Magic moulds07.11.2019 15:00

From all over the world, merchants have arrived at the City Fair Grounds, offering unusual items to the residents of Faeo. Only at the Weaponsmithy you can find the unique artifacts and items, brought from the distant and mysterious Otherworld.
You can buy goods from the other world for golden coins and if you don't need them - return them at the same day: the merchants will buy back the moulds for 0,75 golden coins. Moreover, you can always buy magic moulds for diamonds at the Premium Shop for half the price! However, keep in mind: if you want to return the unused goods to the merchants, the payment for them will be in golden coins!

The sale at Weaponsmithy will last till 23:59 10.11 the merchants will leave the Trade Fair Grounds and go in search for the new wonders, that is why you should not miss your chance to acquire the enchanted moulds.
Magic Moulds of the Otherworld – guarantee your victory in any battle
Author: Acconitum  More (comments: 0)

 Clan Wars. The Leagues are set!01.11.2019 17:00

Brave warriors, defending the honor of their battle unions in fierce fights! For several weeks you have been fighting on the five islands: some battles were victorious, others - ended up in your defeat, whatever the result was each fight was spectacular and important.

The first stage of the Clan Wars has come to its end, we are ready to announce the results of the distribution of the clans by the three leagues.
Four weeks of heroic battles await you! Become the winner of your league!
Author: Acconitum  More (comments: 4)

 Birthday cake: winners30.10.2019 17:00

 Jesters proudly present the winners of the birthday cake competition.

There is one thing  Jesters really did regret in the process of choosing a winner in this competition. Yes, right! That they could not taste all those delicious looking sweet and chocolaty wonders! 

 A big Thank you to all participants and their yummy cakes 


Author: tceba  More (comments: 4)

 The War Narrators28.10.2019 09:30

Warriors the War Narrators bring you some exciting news about The Great Clan Wars.

Good Luck Warriors!
Author: tceba  More (comments: 3)

 Anniversary Lottery16.10.2019 15:00

Warriors! We had a great last few days, celebrating the Legendary Twelfth Anniversary. Celebrations are over, but their most important component still awaits us. We are obviously speaking about the Anniversary Lottery!

Reminder: the Anniversary Store will close on October 29 at 18:00!

"What can you win?"
Author: Acconitum  More (comments: 8)

 Update Notes16.10.2019 12:00

Warriors! We have made some changes to the game in the last update. Let's take a closer look at them.

It's time to embark on new adventures, valiant warriors.
See you around Faeo!
Author: Acconitum  More (comments: 3)

 Technical works09.10.2019 18:00

Warriors! Warriors! On October 9th, 12:30 to October 14th all Cross-server battlefields will be turned off. The timeframe can be changed, so follow our official news.

Also, on October 10th, 12:00 to 17:00 the game servers will be shut down to install the update.
We are sorry for the potential inconvenience and thank you for understanding.
Author: Acconitum  More (comments: 14)

 Legendary Gear08.10.2019 15:00

The arms race in Faeo does not stop even for a second. Every warrior dreams of legendary (“red”) gear - the best in the world! Until recently it was sold only at fairs, and it could be yours only for a certain period of time.

Rejoice, warriors - everything has changed! From now on, legendary weapons and armor can stay with you forever! So, you have the chance to get the everlasting “red” gear. Just as with the Artful (“purple”) gear, you can buy frames in exchange for different currencies earned in events.

Collect a legendary arsenal!
Author: tceba  More (comments: 16)

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