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 Hot chocolate!11.07.2019 17:00

Update: due to technical issues the event launch will happen on another day. Please stay tuned to the news to find out when.

The owners of the taverns invite the inhabitants of Faeo to taste a delicious delicacy, Hot chocolate!

The receipe of the overseas drink has been brought from a distant island by the merchants  Givens and  Voluptuous Mary, who planned to add it to the menu after learning about its delicious taste.

To prepare the exquisite dessert one needs exotic cocoa beans, fragrant cinnamon sticks and vanilla pods, fresh milk and airy marshmallows. But where to get them? Well, you're lucky! These goods that arrived on the ship of the merchant that brought the recipe has turned over and all its content has been eaten by voracious monsters. The innkeepers have decided to attract warriors to the search for ingredients, promising to treat anyone who would help with a cup of the delicious drink! Hot chocolate is incredibly useful. It increases vitality of the warrior who drank it for 10% in the first battle started at this time for exactly 1 hour.

These items can be found after winning battles on the battlefields and while hunting monsters whose level is below yours by no more than 1, equals or is above your level. Warriors can exchange ingredients with each other.

During the chocolate event sweet chocolate gifts will appear in the stores of the capitals. Welcome to Mary's Tavern and The Gurraldiy's Head Pub!

You can find out the duration of the event phase in the «Events» tab of the «Current events» menu.

Do not deny yourself the true pleasure of a cup of hot chocolate!

Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

11. -Septimus- 11.07.2019 19:04
keep calm :P lets go lv 7 all taalar :P
12. -_Abaddon_- 12.07.2019 01:31
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