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 Liusaidh's Clan Challenges!01.08.2019 13:30

Are you ready to face Liusaidh's NEW CLAN Challenges? The greatest idol for  Liusaidh has always been Sheara, so it is only natural that she is trying to follow in her idols footsteps whenever possible. That is how she came to the idea to organize Liusaidh's Challenges. However, it is not as big as Sheara's Challenges nor is it as well rewarded.



But  Liusaidh hopes that you will all still enjoy the tasks she has chosen for you, and do your very best to fulfil them!


 Jesters, as usual, will support Liusaidh in the organization. The principle is simple. Below is a list of tasks and criteria. You have until the end of August to fulfil the challenges. Always, the first to succeed in each category is the winner, provided that all the required proofs (links and screenshots) have been posted.


Are you up for the NEW clan challenges?


Clan Challenges 


The event ends at 23:59 on 31st August (Game time) 


1. 25 Great Battle Leaders ...


... Invisible does not count.

Proof: Post screenshots of the chat messages which show that your clan member has become the fearless leader.

2. 12 victories in Crystalline Caves ...


... with at least 3 members of your clan in one team/instance.

Proof: Post screenshots of completed instances.

3. Collect 35.000 Quicksilver.


Proof: Post screenshots of the chat messages when receiving quicksilver in exchange for Juggernaut resources.

4. Achieve "100 points" ...


... in any of the classic battlefields (Temple, Arena or Cristalline Caves). Each WIN is 2 points, for DEFEAT you receive 0,5 point. For any additional clan member in the same instance you will be given 0,5 point regardless of outcome.

Example: Winning team with 2 members of the same clan will receive 2,5 points and if the loosing team has 3 of their members in the team they will receive 1,5 points.

Proof: Post screenshots of your completed instances, including your detailed calculations of points.

5. Sell 50.000 resources.


Sales between clan members will not be counted. Further selling from clan and rebuying by someone else from clan also does not count.

Proof: Post screenshots of chat messages for your sale, including the contractor's name.




Terms and Conditions 


  • This is a contest for clans
  • First of each category who provides all required proofs wins.
  • You do not have to fulfil all tasks. Each task is rewarded separately.
  • If there if there is any indication of rigging or agreements to achieve the goals you will be disqualified.
  • All tasks have to be fulfilled and posted by the end of August.
  • There will be a separate thread for each category. You only can post once per category. But it can be several posts - due to size of screenshots. It is important, that the whole task is posted around the same time. So make screenshots and collect all links till you have completely fulfilled the task.
  • Only entries who meet the requirements will be rewarded.








250  + 5



All other participants who meet the requirements and succeed the challenges


100  + 1






 Good luck and may the fastest clans win!  


Author: Lisad, editor note: Lisad

1. Xant 01.08.2019 17:18
Why is it not automatic?? Too many screenshots will be lost.
2. Hakan The Khan 01.08.2019 18:19
Every day we stray further from being a war game and getting closer to a­ personality-cult game.

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