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 New Reputation: “Arbiters of Fate”09.08.2019 19:00

Another way opens for the warriors, ready for new adventures and meeting with the unknown, - the Way of the Arbiters of Fate! Would you like to influence not only the present but also the past of this world? Want your blade to change the course of Faeo's history?

Ready to move back on the inexorable river of time and face the bygone? Then we advise you to have a closer look at the rare ancient masks and listen to the quiet voices, sounding like out of nowhere ...

General information:
  • A new reputation will be available to warriors from level 5.
  • You will need to find the Ancient mask, which with some chance can be obtained by killing super creatures of any level or when participating in the Carnival masks event. After that, the quest “The Voice of the Ancient Mask” will begin for you.
  • After completing the quest “Voice of the Ancient Mask”, the next quest “Postponed Death” will be available to you. To do this, refer to the Ancient mask, which is in the backpack.
  • After completing the quest “Postponed Death”, the next quest “Racing with death” will become available to you. To do this, refer to the Ancient mask, which is in the backpack.
  • After completing the quest "Racing with death", you can find the Firstborn on the City Fair. Also a new shop will be available there: the Shop of Arbiters of Fate.
  • Please note that there is a new battlefield: Battle in Caves, year 386.
  • More about reputation here.
We wish you good luck, because now you are the Arbiter of Fate!
Author: tceba, editor note: tceba

1. -rinko- 09.08.2019 18:42
In the lair of the defeated enemy, your eyes fall on a strange mask. You take it­ with you - perhaps the antiquarian can tell you something about it. Received:­ Old Ritual Mask 1 pcs. ohhh yeahhh
2. M K L 09.08.2019 20:05
3. Nurky 10.08.2019 20:01
On the new battlefield that the German server players stund 5 times in a fight­ and the English server players none, will it always be that way?
4. IAU 11.08.2019 02:20
why dose it always take us to DE server
5. mlodfr1 11.08.2019 17:07
Hello how much pocket you have in combat in the cellar because me only 4, in­ combat an enemy had more, I understand not cheating? a shop that I have not­ seen? explain me because I'm not alone to lose I am furious at the­ lack of communication good game hall
6. _Kenshiro_ 11.08.2019 17:11
how do you get prayer call?
7. reservista 11.08.2019 19:07
Nice field and good attempt, but it is useless, just to waste time, where are­ the 3 heads of the 3 enemies I killed ?, where the energy ?, where the­ crystalline coals? It will have to be touched up a lot to make it work.   Of­ the value I say nothing, I am at the top by level and nothing expected, but it­ sure happens as with everything else. The idea is good, you just need to­ polish it well
8. TotoK 11.08.2019 19:37
not scalps, not executiner skills, why not? if all fighting in same conditions.­ its cool to see new reps, but the last medals really suck. too much waste of­ time in go that pvp, for weak varnishes only people who win is no-valor people.­ gifts for they only always what about to top players nothing like always­ :) ps: we need the pray to go that pvp. we have to get that for go. too­ many inconveniences to go pvp cmom is A GAME
9. TotoK 11.08.2019 19:54
i wonder if admin team, thought about meridian vaults before introducing that­ new rep
10. _Hunterskull_ 11.08.2019 22:20
you dont get scalp energy etc because they are test battlefield still . After­ these i think we get these. But not sure about exe because it is different­ works. You should be same with others. i think scalp and energy and valour­ (from fights more valour) will be ok for these battlefields. Also i hope counts­ on agudars etc. after all these it will be perfect and better than equals. This­ is REAL EQUAL battlefield :D
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