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 Legendary Gear08.10.2019 15:00

The arms race in Faeo does not stop even for a second. Every warrior dreams of legendary (“red”) gear - the best in the world! Until recently it was sold only at fairs, and it could be yours only for a certain period of time.

Rejoice, warriors - everything has changed! From now on, legendary weapons and armor can stay with you forever! So, you have the chance to get the everlasting “red” gear. Just as with the Artful (“purple”) gear, you can buy frames in exchange for different currencies earned in events.

Collecting legendary armor is no easy task. First, you will need to get a legendary frame for the future armor.

Available frames: Where to get:
Helmet Valuable Gnome Coin
Pauldrons Reflection Gem
Bracers  Tournament Winner Certificate
Chainmail Gold Coin
Boots Shoemaker Token
Chestpiece IOU
Cuisses Ludial Chain Link
Weapon Warrior Weapons Frame Certificate

You will also need the current armor of the previous (“purple”) quality, a few Spark of the Heavenly Fires and Erdur Ore
The gods of war themselves help those who are equipped with great gear - so make sure that you always have the best armor at hand!

Collect a legendary arsenal!
Author: tceba, editor note: tceba

1. HeroArt 08.10.2019 15:18
idea, but Red iteems not alowed in battlefields :)))
2. Fenum 08.10.2019 15:20
These are allowed
3. Nestro 08.10.2019 15:26
Only Non-Valour Armor can be tradet against Red-Armor ? So the Players­ which got full purple armor need to buy a second purple set to change armor in­ red ?
4. i N S a N i T Y 08.10.2019 15:29
Is this an out-of-season April's Fool joke?
5. Lao 08.10.2019 15:30
Say's just purple quality, so probs either type works
6. - Tinus - 08.10.2019 15:39
There is one positive thing.. With such an amount of resources. Red gear­ won't be introduced by any player very soon.
7. zAquisgran 08.10.2019 15:41
already bought all of those for 2.000 diamonds before, so now quest is useless­ :-) :-)
8. -?tachi- 08.10.2019 16:01
How can you make the most p2w game in the world even more p2w???
9. TotoK 08.10.2019 18:04
At least do things right 3 weapon certs to do red weapons but that red weapons­ are weaker that purple xD
10. TotoK 08.10.2019 18:05
they could have do a rework to red weapons ....
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