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 Ore warehouse opens!12.12.2019 14:00

Erdur Ore - is a great rarity. Once, almost all the reserves of this mineral were extracted from the bowels of the gnomes, which made it very strong armor. But sometimes the miners manage to find an ancient storehouse, and then a consignment of valuable goods is sent to trusted trading partners. And now Erdur Ore has again appeared on sale!

If you want to make armor according to old gnome recipes, suplement your ore reserves in exchange for various quest resources. To do this, hurry to Sadok in the Baurvill Hamlet and Armak in the settlement of Faytir, where the shopkeepers have already opened their Ore warehouses.
Also, now you can exchange your PvP-based gear for PvE-based gear, which is needed to create new red weapons and armor! Just check the Artifact Exchange tab.
Keep in mind that this kind of transformation is a bit hard for a merchant, so he will use Spark of the Heavenly Fires as a reagent. For example:
+ 1 =
+ 2 =
+ 1 =

Also, you can purchase Empty Erdur Boxes, which will allow you to put some Erdur Ore into them and give them to another player or place into Auction House. Keep in mind that Full Erdur Boxes can be traded only once.
This time you may purchase any Erdur Box with a 50% discount!
Please note that merchants will sell you more if you purchase any of the special Dwarf rings - Gnome Guardian's Ring or Gnome Treasurer's Ring. Merchants will leave Feo on 15.12 23:59.
Do not waste time, warriors, - Erdur Ore is never to much!
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. Axind 12.12.2019 15:46
i can't use this­ http://­ http://warofdragons­ .com/artifact_info.php?artifact_id=668821840
2. TotoK 12.12.2019 17:04
red set looks a fun reason to play. but too extreme to lvl16+ even with­ spent 20k gold to open runes in 1 year will be very away to 700 valuble coins+­ the purple helmet like 600d+30k ore+ sparks. 2k diamonds sound cheaper and it­ still is much 350k iou from where? if not much players. and all need­ iou should people do 100 multi accounts? and not even that close to get 350k.­ needed 5 events or more. keep doing event once a year lol ofc also will need buy­ iou like 10silver per. now sum 350k iou+puple item+sparks+30k ore uhmmmm
3. -Magra- 12.12.2019 19:04
More diamonds totok!! That's all that matters, you just need to­ spend more diamonds!!!
4. Achilies 13.12.2019 02:11
Welp it was always like this... Nothing new. I think prices for the red armour­ is reasonable considering how much paypall friendly this game is. I see it as a­ wall that prevents paypallers to increase the already existent gap of non­ paypallers So lets see if the ego's of these people pass their bank acount­ numbers :)
5. Legales 13.12.2019 05:01
find it interesting that i buy pet ess set and it can not be opend can i please­ have my moneys back ot fix this­ please
6. - Alfa Kurt - 13.12.2019 13:50
Why is the store closed before the date Store Closing : 15.12 23:59.

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