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 Yeti Invasion13.12.2019 13:00

This year’s severe winter has come to the world of Faeo to stay. Some prefer to spend days like these near a warm fireplace, but weather like that cannot be more comfortable for Yetis! Perhaps this is why these horned wild beasts believe that the lands of both continents should belong to their tribe.

Legions of Yetis have left their icy homeland to all the corners of Orgiy and Khair in order to cast out their inhabitants. These uncouth invaders cannot fight with blades or spears, yet they can easily tear apart anyone who stands on their way with bare claws and tusks. Things look bad, warriors - Christmas and New Year celebrations are in danger!

Forget about all you other chores for a time being in order to defend your homeland agains these cruel invadors! Not only will you receive respect from fellow warriors as a rewar for fighting Yetis, you’ll also have a chase of getting Magic Snowflakes, Christmas Elixirs and Ice Blocks!

Feel the Christmas spirit! Since now you can interact with the Christmas Spirit near the fir tree. Sacrificing some gold or diamonds will grant you some gifts and a chance to transform into one of the New Year Spirits!
Attention! Using Ever-burning Heat Potion will help you killing Yetis quicker!

- More info about the event

Raise your weapons, warriors! Stop the invasion of furious Yetis!
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. Shak-Wu 13.12.2019 13:06
Finally :D
2. Carbuncle 13.12.2019 13:07
Can we get the Christmas spirit in ENGLISH? i mean this is a COM server­ afterall. it would be nice to actually know what we care choosing when slecting­ something.

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