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 Back to school07.09.2020 18:00

This week the Jesters are giving you the opportunity to Player vs. Player race in our Back to School week in the forum.



Each day of this week, players will have the opportunity to post riddles, puzzles and other brain teasers, and also solve challenges posted by other players.


But …

… it will be a player vs. player race. Any player, the challenger, can post a riddle, puzzle or brain teaser according to the theme of the day. And now the race begins: if the task is correctly solved by another player, the solution finder, within 30 minutes, this player is the winner. If not, the challenger will have won this round. To make it even more interesting, it will be a competition between the races. If a magmar posts a question, only a human may answer it, and vice versa



Please note:

  • A new task can be put only 30 minutes after the current one.
  • The challenger has to confirm any correct answers that are posted or must reveal it after the 30 minutes have elapsed. If there is no confirmation from the challenger, no one will receive points for that round.
  • You cannot be a challenger every round. There have to be at least two other challengers before you post another question, eg: You, Player 1, Player 2, You. However, you can still answer every question that a player of the opposite race may post.
  • If a task has been posted at 12:35, then the next one can only be posted at 13:05
  • Use of multi accounts is prohibited.


The event itself is pretty simple. Every day of the week has a different theme: 



The event is pretty simple.
Each day of the week has a different subject:

07/09/2020 18:00


Maths Thread

08/09/2020 18:00


Physics Thread

09/09/2020 18:00


Sports Thread

10/09/2020 18:00


Chemistry Thread

11/09/2020 18:00


 History Thread

12/09/2020 18:00


Biology Thread

13/09/2020 18:00

Sunday Arts/Literature Double Points! Thread

Each new subject starts at 18:00 and will run until 17:59 the next day.




Each day there will be a new thread with an example question, so please make sure to use the correct thread.


For every task there are two points to winone for the challenger and one for the first correct answer within the 30 minute time frame. However, if the task has not been solved within the 30 minutes, the challenger will receive three points – given that they have posted the correct answer after 30 minutes.




As a reward you will receive 

1-5 points


6-15 points


16-30 points


31-50 points


51-70 points


71-100 points


more than 100 points





The rewards will be distributed after the event ends.


On your marks …  get set … ASK!



Author: Clover-, editor note: Clover-

1. -Giunone- 07.09.2020 18:18
if the page opened, it would be better to answer
2. Eliminator 07.09.2020 20:06
2 ^_^
3. -Resurr3cT- 07.09.2020 22:49
I'm not happy to see this even, i was so happy that i finished­ school. Now even in the game they talk about school :cry:
4. Baltazar_Blake 08.09.2020 04:55
well...maths and physics is good.. the rest i am very sad lol...good event

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