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 Anxiety on the eve of the celebration27.10.2020 16:00

The next anniversary of Faeo is approaching, but peace is not expected in the legacy of the Great Dragons. It seems that the 13th anniversary of this world will be preceded by a great clash of races! Provocations in neutral waters and sneaky attacks on merchant ships have already led to a new round of annoyance. Swords are sharpened and prepared for war on both continents. The balance has been shaken - the war is on the doorstep!

Especially touched by what is happening are  Globius the Learned and the  Avelius the Scholar. Indeed, as a result of sea skirmishes, valuable materials for the laboratory were lost, which prevented the next ingenious discovery. Such things cannot be forgiven! No wonder the great minds of Faeo have now sacrificed their power to create an unprecedented weapon. Helping their developments and military science on the eve of large-scale warfare is a worthy task for a brave warrior! Moreover, such a service will be paid for with coins specially minted for this year's celebration.

The mission «Science of mass destruction» begins a chain of anniversary quests, available to wariorrs who have reached level 3. The quest can be obtained from  Globius the Learned in the  Pacifist Hills or  Avelius the Scholar in the  Thorn Apple Brushwood.
A great battle is coming! Let advanced science help you win!
Author: Clover-, editor note: Clover-

11. -esh myaso- 27.10.2020 20:50
There are no so much fossils in feo ^^
12. -GokBoru- 27.10.2020 21:17
i guess lvl3-4s have 1000000 fossils
13. --SLY-- 27.10.2020 21:21
Current goal: Take part in fights on three battlefields and then go back to­ Erifarius to Foothills.(0 of 3 participants accepted)...That's me out.­ Ain't got ime for that crap....You have resigned the quest "The Science­ of Mass Destruction".
14. -- Hexe -- 28.10.2020 04:17
Are you serious ? 1 gray bone 2g has the same defense as a blue cube? Love­ guardian It would be nice if you keep your balance. no matter if event, but­ 2 gold + for 1 gray bone is completely covered. This is about prices that are­ well above the weir.
15. Zecica 28.10.2020 09:22
again some will profit and some won't finish quest
16. The Saint 28.10.2020 11:15
Makes me feel like You guys hate Your player. So much wasted time, money and­ trouble for few event coins? Better off if i ignored that event.
17. Ragnar Vlatur 28.10.2020 14:34
Admins, there's no shame on announcing a maintenance... Just for a short­ time to fix the updates and the lags. The players will understand rather than­ you leave their concerns unattended. Also a just compensation may do, a moment­ of increased drop rate or return their wasted blessings. You have the logs so­ you can always check. As far as I can remember, back then there were regular­ maintenance. Please do... Your players are already suffering... They can't­ enjoy what they pay for. :(
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