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 Thirteenth anniversary in Faeo - time to celebrate29.10.2020 13:00

It's time to celebrate another birthday in Faeo, warriors! For 13 years this world has flourished under the auspices of Sheara and the Great Dragons. The roar of battles sounds like music, bravery is rewarded with glory, and a hero will always find a new worthy trial for himself. Verkiry the wise say - this is the best of all created worlds! During these days, humans and magmars were preparing to sit down at the banqueting tables, raise their glasses, drink to the health of their comrades-in-arms and remember past battles. But...
The intensification of the war distracts the inhabitants of both continents from the peaceful festival. The battles are already raging and neither side will give in, not even during the festivities. How can the tide be turned?

Scholars  Globius and  Avelius are sure they know the answer! In any case, the theoretical side of their new invention is brilliant. It just has to be brought to life and the enemy will no doubt be defeated. But the scholars cannot do without the help of an experienced warrior. Ultimately, resources must be gathered in order to create a devastating living weapon. Then the prototype has to be tested - more than once! It’s not an easy task, but there is a worthy reward for it - the badges that have just been minted in honour of the legendary 13th anniversary!
By defeating monsters of their level during the legendary thirteenth anniversary celebration, warriors will have the chance to obtain vital organs that will surely be useful to the inventors in their scientific research. But be careful: organs quickly become unusable. So hurry to bring them to the scholars  Globius and  Avelius before they expire!
Particularly successful warriors will be able to cut a certain part from the body of a defeated enemy, which inventors will surely use to create a new, living weapon. This "improvement" not only affects the further development of events, but also rewards the warrior with one of these special achievements:
Don’t Bury Your TalentsTails Blazing!Storm WarningSuffocating HugDon’t Forget to Water!The Best Attack is...
As a little help, warriors receive an additional item Legendary Thirteen-year Anniversary for defeating the battle chimera, which has been improved by one of the special body parts! The brave warriors who can bring all parts of the body to the inventor receive a legendary achievement:
Crown of Evolution
How do you find monsters with these special body parts? The bestiary will help the warriors in this. Study the creatures of the world of Faeo (pay special attention to the appearance of your enemies and their description), then start hunting! Keep in mind, however, that there may be monsters among the opponents that are too difficult for your level and therefore not everyone will be able to collect all special body parts.
Also, don't forget to stop once a day by the Festival Organizer - he'll give you a range of anniversary elixirs, holiday treats, and a special blessing!
When speaking to the Festival Organizer, you will of course receive a legendary achievement commemorating Faeo's thirteenth anniversary!
Legendary Thirteenth Anniversary
You can drop commemorative coins and dragon helmets while hunting monsters!
Get yourself legendary 13th Anniversary Badges, warriors of Faeo. After all, something special awaits you this year in the anniversary shop! You'll soon find out what exactly!
  • The “Big Game Hunt” and “Combat Chimera Trials” are available to warriors who have reached Level 3 during the legendary 13th Anniversary Celebration.
  • The quest "Test of the Battle Chimera" s available to warriors who have completed the quest "Big Game Hunt". This quest can be completed an unlimited number of times.
  • Tasks are given by the  Globius in Pacifist Hills and  Avelius in Thorn Apple Brushwood.
We celebrate the holiday with a sword in hand.
Swing your swords to clear the path for Faeos's scientific advancement!
Author: Clover-, editor note: Clover-

1. --TIOLAVARA-- 29.10.2020 13:10
Congratz by 13 years working for fun.
2. Baltazar_Blake 29.10.2020 15:50
Very good
3. gattomaone 29.10.2020 22:36
happy birthday ^__^
4. Ukoback 29.10.2020 23:59
Why korr cant give the tentacle? You reduce the whole Anniversary experience to­ all under level 6 players... Meh.
5. Liam321 30.10.2020 12:48
solution: kill monsters to acquire exp and level up
6. kimeranera 31.10.2020 11:24
shell-gelanf, rump-scorpion, tail-pitzell krogan, tentacle-flaundin rebel,­ leaf-arboris, wing-gorgulya is correct?
7. -Grahf- 31.10.2020 15:54
Got Tail from Gelanf. Gives Chimera ability to reset combos
8. SABRE 31.10.2020 18:34
What has "Big Game Hunting" got to do with the Arena? Either make it a­ Hunting quest or a Valor Quest but pls stop mixing them. Make it one or the­ other.
9. Antagonist 01.11.2020 20:19
flaundin rebel 230 pcs... no tentacle((
10. Antagonist 02.11.2020 10:12
340 :grrr:

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