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 Magic storm in Arena and Meridian Vaults!27.08.2021 17:00

Inhabitants of Faeo are already used to the fact that magical anomalies sometimes occur in various battlefields and change their rules radically. These anomalies are called magic storms. Right now a Magical Storm broke out in the Arena and Meridian Vaults!

Fights on the arena will be held 1 on 1 to score 3 points! Additionally, the storm causes the appearance of Fire Vortexs and Icy Vortexs in all battles.

We also draw your attention that the level groups will be strictly separated, which means that the level of the opponent's character will correspond to your level! Magical storms never last long. On 12:00 30.08 the rules will go back to normal. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to take a fresh look at the familiar Battlefield and test your strength in unusual combat conditions!

You will also have no-break during the event!
This time you will receive 5 Mark of the Fearless Warrior for your 3rd participation of a day in Arena. And for the 3rd win of a day you will receive 2 Old vial of fog powder and 2 Decrepit Dragon Gift Amulet if you have not received the ring yet!

Also, for the third victory in Meridian Vaults you will receive 1 Old vial of fog powder, and for the third participation in the day, 5 Mark of the Fearless Warrior tokens!

  And for the battles to be even more fascinating, the sale of valuable items has began in the Premium Shop. It will start on 27.08 at 17:00 and will last 11:00 30.08
Prove that you are a winner, no matter the rules!
Author: Acconitum, editor note: Acconitum

1. THE WITCHER 27.08.2021 23:21
admin could you fix lags in meridian vaults ? it is terrible to play there
2. Bandzior 28.08.2021 17:33
Warrior! We would like to inform you that we have noticed your inactivity in­ battles on a battlefield you have visited. This behavior is unacceptable, as it­ affects other battle participants negatively. If you continue to be inactive on­ battlefields, your access to them will be restricted.
3. Bandzior 28.08.2021 17:35
jak ja mam odpalone wszystko co mam z 8 blesów ktos ma 20 odpalonych widze ze­ niemam szansów znim wygrac i uzyłem elki zamobója to tez jest jakis sposub­ walki a nie bezczynnosc . niewłaczajcie jednorekiego to tez bedzie mnie­ stac na odpalenie 20 blesów
4. Bandzior 28.08.2021 17:36
bezczynnosciom było by nieisc tam a nie ze skalpa britiz niezgarniał­ zemnie bo elki samobóje piłem to popłakał sie pewnie co ?

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