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 Battle for Knowledge!01.09.2021 14:00

Autumn is not just a time for gathering the harvest or sitting thoughtfully by the fire and walking around golden forests... It is also a time to pursue knowledge and then to test out what has been learned. It is pleasant to sit with a book as multi-colored leaves fall from the trees, with a little cup of warm elixir or aromatic tea... But, unfortunately, book lovers cannot rest easy for long! The monsters that inhabit Faeo are not just merciless with the peaceful residents of Faeo, but also with their book collections. By taking precious folios to different corners of the world and tearing vital pages out of them, they have created plenty of work for warriors! You will not only have to fight the evil library robbers, but also look for whom one or another parchment might belong to. Luckily, the owners of the devastated bookshelves are willing to generously reward those that find their missing books!


Extremely valuable manuscripts were also stolen from the magic towers, dedicated to the study of monsters. These books possess special magic properties: they can turn anyone who looks at them into unseen beasts. Decide for yourself whether you are ready for such a transformation. Perhaps, the best thing is just to return them to their former owners without opening them?



In addition, warriors will have the chance to prove that their strength does not just lie in the force of their blows, but also in their knowledge. The inhabitants of Faeo have prepared interesting and sometimes tricky questions, the correct answers to which will earn you small gifts.



Warriors that earn a Certificate of Omniscience, which is awarded by the grateful book lovers, can expect special surprises. Specially prepared sandwiches, which are tasty and nutritious, serving as food for the mind as well as the body. The folio seekers can obtain rare gifts for friends and metamorphosis elixirs.

- Read more about the event in the Library

Put your autumn days to good use!

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