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 Big update is coming!13.10.2021 17:00

Dear warriors! All the forecasts of astrologers, prophetic dreams of fortune tellers and visions in crystal balls converge to the same thing: soon great changes are coming in Faeo. A major update to the game, which the inhabitants of both continents have long dreamed of, will be released!
What has been added?
First, we list the main improvements. The following will appear in the game:
New Game Events
Heavenly Enhancements
Test your strength in difficult battles against enhanced versions of Superbeings! Fight the strengthened versions of Bog Elf, Gurraldiy Korr, the Emperor Scorpion, Balthazar and Queen Andorvane. Each month you will have the chance to battle against a new boss.

For defeating these dangerous monsters, you will receive a worthy reward: for the first victory, you will receive Battered Chest, and for subsequent victories Small Battered Chest.

During the event, you can receive Battered Chest once, and Small Battered Chest up to five times.
Seven Wondrous Flowers
The Great Sheara is ready to create powerful combat elixirs with her own hands for worthy warriors devoted to their people! 

However, to create such elixirs, seven extremely rare flowers are required, which bloom in places that are completely unsuitable for delicate plants. These flowers do not need the rays of the Mirrow, but the light of torches and the glimmer of steel. Their roots feed on spilled blood and lava, and their petals greedily absorb the rage and madness of battles. So, you will have to look for them either on the battlefields, or in the darkest and most secret corners of the Faeo. And they bloom only at a special time — during the event «Seven Wondrous Flowers»!
Herb deliveryA strange fragmentThe first broth!Three broths already!Five broths!Another jar, please
This new event will be available to warriors who have reached level 3. To participate, you need to take the quest «Seven Wondrous Flowers» from Sheara. And then, for its completion, you will receive one of the unique elixirs from the Mistress of Dragons herself!
In the Footsteps of an Ancient Relic
The Great Sheara found out that fragments of a mysterious sphere, possibly created by the Chosen Ones themselves, were scattered somewhere in secluded places. If you put the parts together and cleanse them of the filth accumulated over the millennia, the ball will still serve for the benefit of Faeo!

Alas, the path to the caches where the fragments are stored is riddled with terror. If you undertake the challenge to fulfil Sheara's task, you will first have to find clues in the lairs of the fiercest creatures. Then only will you be able to find the path to the ancient relics! However, the reward that the Mistress of Dragons will give you is worth the trouble!
A strange fragment

The «Search for an Ancient Relic» quest will be available to warriors who have reached level 3. The task can be obtained from Sheara herself, who is waiting for you in the Spectral Expanse.
Pets from another World

The army of Chaos forced the wonderful creatures from the world of Rangas to hide their cubs in the domain of the Great Dragons!

The owner of the nursery will tell you where in the Faeo you can find the secret dens of the Phoenix, Pegasus, Manticore, Water Dragon and other otherworldly creatures. If you take care of the newly found eggs, delivering the necessary resources for its growth, charming offspring will slowly hatch from them. When they get a little stronger, the cubs will return to their native Rangas. However, as long as they stay with you, as a sign of gratitude, you will receive thoughtful gifts from them regularly. Amongst them are cards of a new deck, a memorable gift and other very useful things!
You can find out about the details about the eggs of otherworldly animals from  Sweet Mila or  Bonna Benita by completing the quest «Pets from another World», which is available to warriors who have reached the 3-th level.
New dungeon - Labyrinth
Demonologists  I-Vidi and  Berrush have decided to put an end to the rule of Poisedopus by opening a portal to the world of Chaos. But will you be able to get there? And what awaits you if you decide to go through the magic portal?

One thing is clear: you should grip your sword tight – it will not go unused! After all, you are destined to descend into an endless interweaving of underground passages, full of dangerous enemies and clever traps. Fortunately, you will not have to fight alone!

Unite eternal foes and join the new alliance of Labyrinth Explorers. And do not hesitate to grab souvenirs along the way - they will not only improve the mood of your new comrades, but you will also receive special coins.

Of course, when we are talking about a new reputation, we cannot forget about the rewards which come along with it. There are items which will strengthen you in battle, new style items, and sets for collections which can give you unique effects, as well as many other useful things.

By participating in various Faeon events you will be able to receive unique memorabilia, which will be very useful to one of the otherworldly residents who scribe the chronicles of the World of Dragons.

Fans of achievements will rejoice as well! The update has brought more than forty achievements to the game - try to receive them all!

The Labyrinth is a randomly generated dungeon, which means that each of your passages will be slightly different from the previous one. It consists of one hundred floors, each of which, in turn, is divided into halls. The type of halls and their numbers are chosen randomly. Only one thing remains constant - in the deepest depths of the Labyrinth, the Throne Room of the Cursed Queen will await you.

The Labyrinth is constantly changing, both whenever you create a new copy of the dungeon and occasionally during the excursion; once you leave a hall, you can never return to it. This means that all the maps that exist in this world are useless. Instead, you must rely on your instinct, which will tell you the current floor you are on, as well as the approximate number of halls on the floor. The halls themselves also differ: besides the usual halls where you will have to fight against countless creatures of Celeste and mad Labyrinth explorers, you can find your way to hidden treasuries or find a statue erected in honour of a mysterious stranger. However, the outcome of such discoveries is entirely up to you (and a little bit more depends on your luck!).

Of course, your new companions will help you. For instance, Flynn has prepared torches to help you overcome the darkness, and one of Ergam’s merchants has risked coming down after you, bringing with him some rather rare goods, which can only be purchased at Ergam’s black market. Will you be able to find him in one of the countless halls of the Labyrinth?
But, of course, the biggest dangers within the Labyrinth are the bosses - the guardians of this cursed place, as well as the most terrifying soldiers within Celeste's army. A fight with them awaits you at the end of every fifth floor. Flynn's Improvisers will help you in the battle - you can read about the effects that this miraculous device will have on you, or one of your opponents, in the description of each creature (or one of its minions). And, of course, you will receive an achievement for defeating each of them. And if you manage to defeat Celeste first on your server, you will receive a special achievement:

In addition, an inexperienced researcher of the Labyrinth will pass by most of the interesting and useful things hidden in the tomb. Over time, the Labyrinth will be replenished with new items, events and activities.
Now the level groups will always be clearly separated.
Gladiator Coins

The number of Gladiator Coin tokens received by players in Crystalline Caves, Meridian Vaults and in Tallaar’s Halls has been changed. In addition, Premium Account holders will now receive more Gladiator coins:
Battlefield Premium Account Level
None Grey Green Blue Purple Red
Crystalline Caves, Victory 15 15 15 17 20 25
Crystalline Caves, Defeat 1 1 4 7 7 7
Meridian Vaults, Victory 15 15 15 17 20 25
Meridian Vaults, Defeat 1 1 4 7 7 7
Tallaar’s Halls, 1st place 20 20 20 22 23 25
Tallaar’s Halls, 2nd place 17 17 17 19 20 22
Tallaar’s Halls, 3rd place 15 15 15 17 18 20
Tallaar’s Halls, 4th place 12 12 12 14 15 17
Tallaar’s Halls, 5th place 10 10 10 12 13 15
Tallaar’s Halls, Unranked Position
or forced completion
1 1 4 7 7 7
Punishment for inactivity on the battlefields
Now, players who have been found to be inactive on battlefields will receive a warning letter about misconduct at the end of the battlefield. If their behaviour does not change after the next violation, they will receive a Mark of Shame, denying them access to queue for battlefields (including ancient battlefields), as well as Chaotic Battles, Crucible of War and Tallaar’s Halls.
Changes are at the doorstep, warriors - the wait is over soon!
Author: Clover-, editor note: Clover-

11. - Draconia - 13.10.2021 19:31
hey Admins, when can we buy legendary Avatars? Cursed Queen? Take my money
12. Resmmeee 13.10.2021 20:49
You forgot about Medal of Worship of Mystics.
13. ImLeeLoo 14.10.2021 01:09
And i was so hoping that inactivity means not participating :P
14. Darkri 14.10.2021 04:04
15. THE WITCHER 15.10.2021 12:13
need same battlefields with RU on meridian vaults queue
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