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 The Legendary Fourteenth Anniversary announcement!13.10.2021 18:00

Another Faeon anniversary will arrive soon! How will the festivities go? What are the challenges for the people of Faeo? What rewards and gifts can you win? Read all about it all in this news article.

Firstly, you will have the chance to replay the adventures of a cunning fellow, who was abandoned in the past by a famous magician. The magician's assistant was tasked to collect fragments of an ancient amulet, but he failed. He returned to the past and, at length, spoke of his adventures to companions across the Faeon taverns. Of course, no one believed him, but now it appears to be true! So, if you manage to do it correctly, an amulet with powerful enchantments will fall into your possession.

Secondly, as usual, there will be attempts to ruin our great holiday! This time, not by just any low-life scoundrels, but royalty from another world! The ghost of the cursed ruler of Ergam, Celeste, is coming to Faeo. Find out what will change in the world with her appearance by completing the «Visit Her Cursed Majesty» quest, and receive not only anniversary badges, but also something special:

Creatures resurrected by the cursed Queen will appear every 2 hours. You can enter in battle against them by completing the main task of the event and then speaking to Lady Mary in Ergam. For defeating each such superbeing, you can receive an achievement and possibly one of the rare items:

In addition, after completing the main story quest, warriors will once again have to task to save Faeo. During this task, the defender of Ergam will assist you. However, no matter how hard the valiant heroes try, they cannot save everyone - each day you can perform no more than three of Lady Mary’s tasks, so choose wisely! Your rewards for killing bosses and completing daily tasks are fourteenth birthday badges, which you can spend at the Anniversary Store:

Of course, the joyous holiday spirit will be with you throughout, which will manifest itself in a daily blessing of fourteen times the force. Additionally, every day you can receive a set of Anniversary Elixirs from the Festival Organizer (unspent elixirs from the previous day will be removed). You will also receive a themed achievement the first time you contact the Festival Organizer:

And of course, by hunting monsters, you can obtain new Anniversary Coins and Dragon Helmets!

The traditional holiday raffle has also changed: no longer will you have to cross your fingers and wait for the lucky lottery ticket numbers to be announced! Instead, you will be able to use your raffle ticket yourself and, if you are lucky, can win one of the valuable items in addition to the usual prize! 
  • The festive challenge «Visit Her Cursed Majesty» will be available to warriors who have reached level 3. The quest can be obtained from  Globius the Learned and  Avelius the Scholar;
  • The tasks «Break the Formation!», «Worthy Enemy», «Senseless Cruelty», «Kretch Butcher Must Die!», «Gurraldiy Korr Must Die!», «Bogelf Must Die!», «Emperor Scorpion Must Die!», «Balthazar Must Die!» and «Save the Portal» are available to warriors from level 3. The tasks can be obtained from Lady Mary in Ergam's Main Square upon completion of the «Visit Her Cursed Majesty» quest;
  • You can accept a maximum of three quests from Lady Mary per day;
  • The quest «In Defence of Faeo», which allows you to fight one of the event bosses, is available from Lady Mary in Ergam's Main Square after completing the «Visit Her Cursed Majesty» quest;
  • You will receive Legendary 14th Anniversary Badge for defeating bosses, but you can obtain badges from bosses no more than three times per day. However, the chance to obtain a rarity item will remain
 We are delighted that you like the World of Dragons, and will try to make it even more beautiful. We wish you a lot of fun!
Author: Clover-, editor note: Clover-

11. Zulema Zahir 13.10.2021 21:31
Nice :)
12. -Sir Kay- 13.10.2021 22:05
13. Bandzior 14.10.2021 14:07
ale chujowo nic nie rozumiem :lol:
14. _Bitter _ Sweet_ 14.10.2021 16:21
there is no quest at Avelius yet when does this begin ?
15. deadtagert 15.10.2021 06:44
hello , when start event and where , thanks for answer
16. Clover- 18.10.2021 11:04
Hi) Event starts after 20 Oct.The exact date will be announced later)
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