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 Have a nice day!15.10.2021 18:00

Warriors of Faeo! The cold autumn wind is howling in the streets. Today we want to wish you: Have a nice day!

Till 23:59 17.10 you'll receive Have a nice day! just for logging into the game!
Have a nice day, warriors!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 4)

 Beneficial exchange14.10.2021 18:02

Banks of Ogriy and Khair value and love their clients, because mutual respect is the foundation on which beneficial to both parties relations are built! Anyone who trades in diamonds will have a pleasant surprise...

With a one-time 20 diamonds for gold exchange in the bank you will receive an additional reward! Hurry up! After all, bankers can change their minds...
There will be enough gifts for everyone!
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Another Faeon anniversary will arrive soon! A lot has happened during those years. Many of you have grown up in Faeo, gained honour and fame, found friends and supporters and some of you have even found love. And how many foes and monsters have been defeated - it's hard to count! It's high time to recall past deeds and, of course, to prepare for new ones. Especially as our traditional festivities will give you a good chance to distinguish yourselves!

How will the festivities go? What are the challenges for the people of Faeo? What rewards and gifts can you win? Read all about it all in this news article.
We are very pleased that you like the World of Dragons, and will try to make it even more beautiful. 
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 15)

 Big update is coming!13.10.2021 17:00

Dear warriors! All the forecasts of astrologers, prophetic dreams of fortune tellers and visions in crystal balls converge to the same thing: soon great changes are coming in Faeo. A major update to the game, which the inhabitants of both continents have long dreamed of, will be released!

What has been added?
First, we list the main improvements. The following will appear in the game:
  • New Game Events!
  • New dungeon - Labyrinth
  • Arena
  • Gladiator Coins
  • Punishment for inactivity on the battlefields
The veil was dispelled, the contours of the approaching future became clearer. Now for the details!
Changes are at the doorstep, warriors - the wait is over soon!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 15)

 Have a nice day!28.09.2021 12:00

Warriors of Faeo! The cold autumn wind is howling in the streets. Today we want to wish you: Have a nice day!

Till 23:59 28.09 you'll receive Have a nice day! just for logging into the game!
Have a nice day, warriors!
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 War of Dragons Discord!21.09.2021 17:00

Good news, warriors! War of Dragons is keeping up with the times and we want to invite you to join in and be a part of our new initiatives. Now you will have another convenient channel for communication - Discord. This is a great platform for information exchange, trading and finding new allies, while allowing you to stream and participate in private and voice chats.

Join Discord with this link. Enjoy socialising, but remember that the same rules apply here as in our forum and in-game chat. Please be polite and try not to offend others!
Use the new features to make communication and socialising better! Stay in touch - now on Discord too!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 10)

 Clan Wars21.09.2021 14:01

Brave warriors! Are you ready to fight with the best of the best? Your time has come! Let the flame of struggle break out, for the Second season of the First Division of the Clan Wars has begun!

Attention! This season is special, because players up to the 10th level will be able to compete for the title of the best clan in it! Registration for clan wars is open, the first battle will take place already today! Pay attention to the conditions!

News Update: We apologize that the current season of Clan Wars is not working as it should. As compensation, we will give players a chest Special box of Triumph for today's battles (draw, defeat or victory).

We are pleased to announce that with the relaunch of the season, two new features will be in effect during battles. The effect of Fatigue, which will stack on players every 5 minutes after the start of the battle. Players who enter the battle later will also receive the maximum Fatigue effect value, which is already in effect on other players. In addition, the effects of the banners Great Dragon Standard can now only stack up to 2. However, when the third effect is applied, it will not be redistributed to other players, but will simply be dispelled.

We have made the necessary corrections and relaunched the season, please apply again before 20:00 of the current day. If during today's battles something does not go according to plan, we will investigate the problem again.
It is time to show what your clan can do!
Let the strongest clan win!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 35)

The benevolent Luck Glow sent down by the higher forces to the lands of Faeo has extinguished...
Who has earned the blessing of the changeable fortune thanks to their excitement and generous offerings this time? How close were the representatives of each race to each other? Read more information in the news...
Warriors of both continents can receive the promised reward from the Well of Fortune and Mouth of Fortune at the City Squares of O'Delvays and Dartrong.
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 3)

 Bankers generosity!30.08.2021 13:00

Warriors! Replenish your account with diamonds and receive rewards that many Ogriy and Khair inhabitants dream of!
 Sum:    Reward:
When replenishing 100 15150
When replenishing 200 152100

The offer will last from 30.08, 13:00 till 31.08, 23:59.

Use this profitable opportunity to become stronger!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 0)

 Have a nice day!11.08.2021 14:01

Warriors of Faeo! The last summer Mirrow rays break through the cool sky. Autumn is slowly approaching. Today we want to wish you: Have a nice day!

Till 23:59 11.08 you'll receive Have a nice day! just for logging into the game!

Don't miss the special sale in the Premium Shop: till 23:59 12.08 you may purchase Ring «Summer Luminary» in the Promotions tab! Also, take a look at Avatars, Gifts, Style items and Backgrounds tabs - here you may find discounts up to 75%!
  Besides this, till 23:59 12.08, for each  100 spent in the Premium shop, you will receive 1 Amulet «Summer Luminary», 1 Mithril Key, 2 Precious Forged Trunk, 70 Platinum ThalerAttention: you may get Amulet «Summer Luminary» only once per sale!
The summer gifts are waiting for you, warriors!
Author: Clover-  More (comments: 2)

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